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Is this a franchise?
Can I lose money in this business?
The business seems complex and hard to manage?
How do I find new clients?
Can I do this with a partner?
Does this business work any where in the world?
No. This web site is simply about the business of asset discounting. If you choose to subscribe to AssetDisc from here we do receive a small commission but only enough to run this site. We are not aiming to be profitable. The AssetDisc system is a profitable business but is not a franchise either. There is no upfront fee or payment based on your profits.
Yes. It is a business like any other and businesses come with risk. However, you are absolutely in control of the risks you take. You will only lose money if you are reckless or silly.
It would be if you operated using note books or card files. That's why we recommend you use AssetDisc. It manages everything for you and removes all the complexity.
Yes. And many people do so. There are asset discounting businesses with multiple partners. Sometimes one partner provides the cash capital and the other works at the business.
We don't see why not. It is likely to be as popular in one place as any other. Subject always to the local laws of course.
It's best to start with people you already know. Simply letting them know what you are doing is highly likely to get you some initial business. Because you know them your risk will be minimised. There is more information about this business and how to operate it using the AssetDisc system at the AssetDisc web site. Click on the AssetDisc logo to review the information. You only need a few clients to get started.